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Mark Martin
I wasn't one of those people who was given a camera at age five and fell in love with photography.

Photography can be taken literally and not so literally. Literally speaking, photography is a document, now used more often to state, " I am here," " I am exist," " Be part of my life," " know who I am,". And if you don't know how to take picture, it' considered unusual. Not so literally speaking, 
I prefer to let the photos do the talking so if you photography is a magical box, which captures light and you can do whatever you please with you captured light.

when I hold my camera to my face and look through the glass to see my subject gazing back at me, the world around me goes silent, and from the moment I start my set of images, to the moment I've have finished editing them, I feel free. I've created something. I've grown as an artist. And that is my accomplishment.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Mark Martin
Saturday the 4th of December 2021
Long Exposure Light Streak Photography Meetup - Sea front ovals hervey bay - 6:30pm - 2 hours
Learn long exposure night light streak techniques.
How to include foreground, mid ground, and background fir night light streak..iso range explanations for light to use filters for night pollution.
Instructor: Mark Martin
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